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    Wound Dressings

    NeoPlug™, NeoCote™ & NeoTape™ Resorbable Collagen wound dressings - Our Resorbable Wound Dressings are absorbent and porous collagen matrices engineered from purified collagen that is derived from bovine dermis tissue. (Boxes of 5)$$NEOCOTE, NEOPLUG, NEOTAPE$$

    Biotex™ Suture

    PTFE (PFOA Free) Suture Minimal memory, No tangle, and Superior handling$$BT3016, BT3019, BT4013, BT4016, BT4019, BT5013, BT5016, BTP4013$$

    Monoglyc™ Suture

    Absorbable Dyed Monofilament suture Box of 24 sutures$$JCG65109, JCG65116, JCG65120, JCG65121, JCG65122, JCG65127$$

    Osseous Coagulum Trap OCT

    The Osseous Coagulum Trap offers an improved method of collecting osseous material. Osseous material is collected directly from the aspirator tip into a filter. It is also excellent for retrieving root tips and precious metals.

    Penguin II Instrument Kit 55250

    Penguin II instrument kit for measuring the stability of dental implants.$$55250-C$$

    Penguin MulTipegs™

    Reusable MulTipegs™ for Penguin instruments$$55004, 55010, 55011, 55012, 55013, 55014, 55015, 55016, 55017, 55020, 55022,55025, 55027, 55031, 55032, 55034, 55036, 55037, 55041, 55042, 55045, 55046, 55047, 55048, 55049, 55050,55051,55058, 55059$$