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    Raptos® Allograft particulates

    Raptos® Allograft - Irradiated Bone Particulates offer a natural scaffold for bone regeneration.$$CAN02-05, CAN02-10, CAN02-20, CAN02-50, CAN02J-05, CAN02J-10, CAN02J-20, CAN02J-50, CAN02S-02, CAN02S-05, CAN02S-10, CCB02-02, CCB02-05, CCB02-20, CCB02-50, CCB02J-02, CCB02J-05, CCB02J-10, CCB02J-20$$

    C-Blast Putty™

    WITH CANCELLOUS PARTICLES C-Blast Putty™ is a composite graft product that combines osteoinductive DBM and osteoconductive cancellous particles in CMC - a natural, plant derived carrier for superior handling.$$CB-P03, CB-P05, CB-P10, CB-P100, CB-P30, CB-P50$$

    C-Graft Putty™

    C-Graft Putty™ is a demineralized bone matrix in CMC - a natural, plant derived, carrier for superior handling.$$CEV02-05, CEV02-10, CEV02-20, CEV02-50, CEV02-80, CEV10-05, CEV10-10, CEV10-20, CEV10-50, CEV10-80$$

    PentOS OI™ Flex

    Dental bone graft | 100% Allograft Flexible Veneer Graft - PentOS OI™ Flex is a 1 mm thick osteoinductive, demineralized cortical bone graft.$$P-FLEX1010, P-FLEX1515, P-FLEX1710$$

    PentOS OI™ Max

    100% Allograft Hydratable Inductive Matrix - Create your customized osteoinductive graft by combining PentOS OI™ Max, a 100% allograft Inductive Collagen Matrix (ICM) with your choice of blood, BMA, PRP, I-PRF or simply saline to form a moldable graft which can be extruded through a syringe.$$P-FLEX1010, P-FLEX1515, P-FLEX1710$$

    PentOS OI™ Putty

    100% Allograft DBM Putty - PentOS OI™ Putty is made from 100% human bone without any additional diluent or carrier to diminish its osteoinductive properties.$$P-PUTTYS005, P-PUTTYS010, P-PUTTYS025, P-PUTTYS050$$